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The first in a summer full of huge comic book movies has been released. Thor is here!

I went in the movie with pretty much no knowledge of Thor. The only thing I knew about Thor, I learned from “Adventures in Babysitting“. I know he’s some sort of God and he has a hammer. That is about it. So, I was excited to see his Origin story.

The first part of the film takes place on Thor’s home planet, Asgard.  he’s about to get the King’s throne passed down from his father.  During the ceremony, a nearby ice planet tries to start a fight.  The ceremony is postponed.  Instead of honoring his father’s wishes, Thor & his warrior friends go to the ice planet to fight.

There was a peace treaty among Asgard and the Ice Planet.  So, his father was angry!  He banished Thor from Asgard, and put a spell on his hammer.  He wouldn’t be able to use the hammer until he was true of heart.  So, Thor is sent to Earth, never to return to Asgard.

The movie really picks up when he’s on Earth, where he meets Natalie Portman.  I’m not going to give away the whole movie, but it gets humorous in spots.  Thor is pretty strong, but without his hammer, he can’t pack his normal punch.

I was actually really surprised how much I liked this movie.  I figured a hero that was a “God” wouldn’t be that compelling.  But, they really did a good job with this movie.  Also, they tied it in with the other “Marvel” movies.  It’s making way for the “Avengers” movie coming out next Summer.  Be sure to stay past the credits if you see this, you get a bonus 5 minute scene.



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