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The Hangover Part II – Josh’s Review

Greg and I were allowed to attended and advanced screening of The Hangover Part II, and this is my review of it.  While we were waiting to enter the theater we noted the wide variety of indivuals attending the screening.  To me, this movie appeals to the 20 and 30 something crowd that likes to go out and have fun.  Who we saw waiting to see the movie was a very wide cross-section of social status, and life stages.  Of course you had your 20 and 30 somethings, but you also had elderly adults that required the assistance of O2 and walkers, I guess this movie appeals to a much wider crowd than what we thought.

The story line of the movie is that  Stu (Ed Helms) is getting married to Lauren (Jamie Chung) in Thailand, and the guys throw him a party none of them will remember.  Being in Thailand the guys get into a lot of trouble and manage to misplace Teddy (Mason Lee), Lauren’s sister.  There is added drama because Lauren’s father (Nirut Sirichanya) absolutly HATES Stu.

Overall, The Hangover II delivers all the jokes with a lot of flair and hit all the marks.  Like the first Hangover, I was laughing during most of the movie, although it did take a bit to get the juices flowing.  Totally worth seeing!

4/5 Stars

Below is  a more detailed review.  ***Warning Spoilers***


Hangover Part II had to go above and beyond the original to get the same laughs.  The original was “ground breaking” because most of the the jokes and situations had not been done before so there was Shock and Awe.  The writers and director knew that to get the same Shock and Awe in II they had to go over the top, and they did.  Some of the situations the guys got put in were raunchy but freaking hilarious!  There is a scene where Stu, Phil, and Alan are trying to figure out what happened the night before and they are in a strip club talking to one of the strippers.  Come to find out Stu really has a thing for strippers, and had sex with the stripper.  Problem is, the stripper is a transvestite.  Once Stu figured it out the look on his face was priceless.

The stripper scene also brings me to my one complaint about II.  I got the impression that the writers took the script and plot from I and just changed the location and scenarios and shot the movie.  Meaning, the movie revolves around a bachelor party gone wrong, they were drugged and don’t remember the night.  In the first they wake up with a tiger in their room, in II they awake with a monkey in their room.  In I they wheel the tiger down the hall of the hotel under a sheet, in II they carry Chow’s dead body down the hall under a sheet.  In I they are confronted by Mike Tyson looking for his tiger, in II they are attacked by guys on a motorcycle looking for the monkey.  The list could go on.  However this did not ruin the movie for me, I still think the movie was great and worth watching.  I actually think it was done on purpose because one of the lines in the movie was “it happened again”.

Like I said before, it is worth seeing.  You will laugh your ass off.

BTW Mike Tyson does appear in the movie singing One night in Bangkok.

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