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Netflix Price Increases

Netflix has announced a new pricing structure today. So, most likely, you’ll be paying more a month for Netflix. Only one plan remains the same; the unlimited streaming only package stays at $7.99/month.

The structure has changed completely. The streaming plans and DVD by mail plans have been separated. So, for $7.99, you can either get:

Option 1) Unlimited Streaming
Option 2) Unlimited DVDs – One DVD out at a time

But, here’s the kicker, if you want One DVD out at a time plus unlimited streaming, you’ll now be paying $15.98. That’s $6 bucks more than their old price of $9.99.

This will take effect immediately for new members and by September 1, 2011 for current members. They haven’t mentioned any other prices for more than one DVD out at a time or Blu-ray. But, you can read more on the Netflix Blog, by clicking here.

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