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In Time – Review

Looking for a movie that is different? A movie where you can’t predict the outcome a few minutes into it? You need to check out “In Time” which is hitting the big screen this weekend. This action/thriller movie features Justin Timberlake, Amanda Seyfried, Cillian Murphy and Olivia Wilde.

Welcome to a world were everyone is engineered to live only 25 years. At that point, your body stops aging and your clock starts to click which will give you only one more year to live. Survival become a daily struggle where the only currency is time. Living on a daily basis with only hours on his clock is Will Salas (Justin Timberlake.) When Will comes to the aid of a stranger at a bar, he ends up receiving a gift of over 100 years. Will escapes his bleak surroundings and moves into a another zone where the rich live without the constant fear of running out of time. He meets the beautiful daughter (Amanda Seyfried) of a billionaire. His new world is quickly drawn to a close when he is accused of stealing the time he had received as a gift. He kidnaps Sylvia and begins an adventure that will keep you in suspense.

In this world, overpopulation was curtailed by altering the aging process. It enabled the rich to live forever but the poor to have to live day-to-day by working, begging, and stealing. Come watch as Will and Sylvia will set out to change the system. I give “In Time” 3 slices of bacon. I thought it was a totally different type of movie that is absolutely worth 110 minutes of your time!

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