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Act of Valor – Review

Act of Valor is movie that stars real US Navy Seals. The movie is about different terrorist acts across the world and Seals react. It shows them taking down terrorist cells and rescuing hostages. The intricacies of their tactical forces are amazing to watch. From jumping out of a plane in pitch darkness to sniping a terrorist from yards away. They have always have a backup plan for a backup plan. If they’re inside a building, they have people watching their back in case someone sneaks up on them.

It’s kind of hard to really explain this movie, but I’ll try. It’s a fictitious terrorist plot to get explosive weapons into the US. The Seals are there the whole way to foil the plans of the terrorists and stop them from creating a world economic downfall.

I liked this movie a lot. You really get to see the inner works of the Navy Seals. They are the best at what they do. In fact most of this movie can really be seen from your couch while playing “Call of Duty”. The highlight of this movie is just watching the Seals be the heroes they are, getting the job done with little or no casualties. 3.5 out of 5

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