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Argo – Review

Back in the late 1970s, there were several Iranians protesting the US Embassy in Iran. The US was holding the former Shah of Iran. He had cancer, and the Iranians wanted him back to stand trial after he had been overthrown. The protesters kept at it, until eventually they made it through the gates into the US Embassy. Before they made it inside the Americans tried to burn & shred as much classified data as they could. Sadly, the Iranian terrorists (protesters) took over the embassy and held everyone hostage. They didn’t know it, but six of the Americans escaped just in time.

The six Americans took refuge in the Canadian embassy. The Canadians let them hide there for awhile, since the Iranian terrorists had no idea they were missing. Unfortunately, they may soon find out. You see, the Iranians had children piecing together the shreds of paper in order to read them. So, it wouldn’t be long before they realize that 6 people aren’t at the US embassy.

The CIA gets the intel from Canada that six Americans escaped, and were at the Canadian embassy. The CIA starts coming up with plans to get the 6 Americans out of Iran before the terrorist find out about them. Unfortunately, it’s not going to be easy, since they’re about 300 miles from the Turkey border. Plus winter is fast approaching.

Technical CIA operations officer, Tony Mendez comes up with an idea to get them out. The idea is to pretend to be a Canadian film crew scouting locations for a new Sci-Fi movie called Argo. Each of the Six Americans along with Tony, will assume a Canadian identity. One will be the director, cameraman, producer, etc. They get the help from John Chambers who was the makeup-artist in several sci-fi movies, including Planet of the Apes & Star Trek. The whole movies is totally legit, they get a script, a casting call, and even press in Variety magazine.

Since there’s tightened security at Iranian airports. Plus, the fact that Americans aren’t welcome in the country, will Mendez be able to bring the 6 Americans safety home with him? And will the whole movie charade be convincing?

Ben Affleck is director, producer and actor in this movie. He does a great job. Bryan Cranston, John Goodman & Alan Arkin are also top notch. I didn’t know what to expect when I saw this movie, and this well exceeded my expectations. This is an Oscar worthy movie, and I loved it.

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