The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

There are two things I want to cover in my review of The Hobbit.  The first is the story-line etc.  The second is the use of HFR and 3D in this movie.

The Hobbit is the prequel to the Lord of the Rings series of books and Movies.  The Hobbit covers more of Bilbo Baggins’ history and how he comes across The Ring.  The movie opens with Bilbo reminiscing about his past and documenting it in a memoir of sorts for Frodo.  The majority of the first part of the movie takes place in the shire, and we are introduces to a young Bilbo and a younger Gandalf.

Gandalf arrives at Bilbo’s house asking him to join Gandalf on a journey.  Bilbo is hesitant but Gandalf recruits him unwillingly.  A group of dwarves start to arrive at Bilbo’s house to discuss the journey and the retaking of their kingdom and gold.  Bilbo is not keen on making the journey with them because of the danger and unknown involved.  Eventually curiosity gets the best of Bilbo and he joins the group.

Their journey takes them through the countryside.  While doing their best to stay safe and avoid trouble they run into a pack of Orc, giant spiders, and they meet a few other wizards too.  They are even welcomed in to the elfish city for a night to rest.

Bilbo also has his first run in with Gollum.  Gollum unknowingly drops his “precious” ring and Bilbo picks it up.  Once Gollum realizes that Bilbo holds the ring, we see Gollum’s true evil side.

I thought the way the movie ended was a bit “blunt”  It really did not close any plotlines, but rather left it wide open for the second installment of this book.

Now for the HFR and 3D part of the movie.  HFR stands for High Frame Rate.  This movie was filmed in a higher framrate they movies are typically filmed.  There were a lot of stories online of screenings in Europe where people were leaving feeling sick due to motion sickness from the HFR.  I did not experience any sickness during our viewing.  I dont know if it was the HFR or what, but I thought this was the BEST 3D movie I have seen.  I am not a big fan of 3D movies, but I thought this one played well.  Some will not like the HFR because it can make things seem a bit cartoonish.  However the sweeping landscape scenes in this movie were AMAZING.

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