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Fast and Furious 6 – Review


So…Fast & Furious 6. How good can the sixth installment of a movie be right? I mean really…no sequel, threequel, 4th, 5th, or 6th edition of a movie is ever as good as the original…right? Maybe not so true with the Fast & Furious series. Going in I knew Fast 5, arguably my favorite, was going to be hard to top. Fast & Furious 6 however, I believe, does it!

Fast And Furious 6

So this installment picks up pretty much where 5 left off. Mia and Brian have had their baby, Dom and Elena are living happily, and Tej, Roman, Han & Gisele have all been enjoying their millions. When Hobbs comes looking for some help from Dom, however, the team is quickly reassembled. Hobbs needs their assistance in catching a new target and he gives the team pretty good incentive to help.

Fast And Furious 6

That target, Ethan Shaw, runs a high tech team of skilled professionals who have been stealing some very valuable military assets. His team and Dom’s team are much alike, but serve very different purposes. They are put to the test against one another throughout the movie in many different ways with some unexpected twists.

Fast And Furious 6

What I enjoyed most about Fast & Furious 6 was how the non-stop thrilling action sequences were intermingled perfectly with the dramatic and comedic aspects of the movie. One minute you are on the edge of your seat watching an amazing car chase or race sequence and the next you’re laughing your ass off at a one liner. It really is a good mix. It has the drama, the action and the comedic relief.

Fast And Furious 6

Be ready for some unexpected surprises too. When you think the movie may be over…..don’t worry it’s not! And, just wait for the moment when you find out why everybody is looking forward to Fast & Furious 7!

Overall, I give it 4.5 out of 5 stips of bacon. In my opinion, it surpases Fast 5 and is now my favorite in the series. My recommendation….Go see it! You won’t be disappointed. It’s ENTERTAINING!

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