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Zookeeper – Review

The Zookeeper is a very funny family movie that you will definitely
want to add to your list of must see films for the summer.
How could the producers go wrong when working with a cast that
includes Kevin James, Adam Sandler, Sylvester Stallone, Nick Nolte,
and even Cher.

The story is about Griffin (Kevin James) who is a
zookeeper caught in a predicament. He is still head over heals in
love with his ex-girlfriend Stephanie (Leslie Bibb). Stephanie dumped
him because of his job. Torn between his work and his love life,
Griffin continues to work hard at the job he loves. When Stephanie
and Griffin run into each other, the animals at the zoo decide that
they need to come to his rescue. They decide to give Griffin advice
to help win back his lady-love even at the cost of exposing the fact
that they can talk.

Will the animals be able to help? Come see for yourself as Donald the
monkey (Adam Sandler), Bernie the gorilla (Nick Nolte), Joe the lion
(Sylvester Stallone) and Janet the lioness (Cher)
all pitch in to help their favorite zookeeper. This family movie will
be sure to please the whole family. Enjoy!

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