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Evil Dead (2013) – Review


The Evil Dead franchise is beloved by many horror / cult movie fans. Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell got a huge following over those movies. Fast forward almost 20 years since they the 3rd Evil Dead movie (Army of Darkness), a remake of the original is made. They used much of the source material that Sam Raimi wrote from the original Evil Dead. But, Raimi & Campbell only got producing credits in this one.

Shiloh Fernandez;Lou Taylor Pucci;Jessica Lucas;Jane Levy

This movie is about 5 kids who spend a weekend in a cabin in the woods. (Sound Familiar?) They’ve hung out in the cabin before years ago when they were all a little closer. Now, the main reason they’re there is to help their friend, Mia get off of drugs. They figure they can keep a watch on her at the cabin, and make sure she stays sober.

Shiloh Fernandez;Lou Taylor Pucci;Jessica Lucas

During this time, they notice a strange smell coming from the cellar. Down there they find about 100 dead cats hanging from hooks. In this room, they also find a shotgun and a book wrapped in plastic and tied together with barbed wire. Someone must really not want this book open. We’ll just leave it alone, right? Nope, of course not. Eric, decides to clip the barbed wire and open up the book. Even though there’s tons of warnings on the book not to read it. He decides to read from it.


When he reads from it, it summons a “demon”. Mia ends up getting “raped” by a tree in the woods which basically puts the demon inside her. Mia, now possessed, starts telling her friends in the cabin what happened. They think she’s just trying to trick them to letting her leave and get some drugs. So, they keep her in her room. Unfortunately, the demon in her starts taking over her body and she starts going on a killing spree. Then, one after another starts getting possessed by the demon. It gets pretty gory with the violence. You see everything from Puking up blood, to one cutting their entire jaw off with a piece of glass. Yeah, really!

Anyway, this movie is for all you horror fans out there. I know most of the people that are fans of the original are going to say the natural thing like “This isn’t as good as the original”. And, yes, I tend to agree. But, it’s actually a pretty good horror movie. It does get really violent and graphic, and I would tell the squeamish to stay away from this one. But, if you have a strong stomach and you like some Horror-Gore, then enjoy this one. 3 out of 5.

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