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21 and Over – Review

21 and Over is about a couple high school friends (Miller & Casey) who get together with their other friend, Jeff Chang, to celebrate his 21st birthday. They show up at his house on the college campus to surprise him. Unfortunately, he’s got a big medical exam tomorrow at 7AM. Miller tries to convince him […]

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The Hangover Part II – Greg’s Review

On Monday, I got to see “The Hangover Part II”. We went to one of the oldest theaters here in St. Louis, the Hi-Pointe. I’ve never actually been there before. So, this was my first experience. It’s an old theater, but it has some nostalgia. The bathroom’s are upstairs. Apparently, the urinals in the men’s […]

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The Hangover Part II – Josh’s Review

Greg and I were allowed to attended and advanced screening of The Hangover Part II, and this is my review of it.  While we were waiting to enter the theater we noted the wide variety of indivuals attending the screening.  To me, this movie appeals to the 20 and 30 something crowd that likes to […]

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