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The Hangover Part II – Josh’s Review

Greg and I were allowed to attended and advanced screening of The Hangover Part II, and this is my review of it.  While we were waiting to enter the theater we noted the wide variety of indivuals attending the screening.  To me, this movie appeals to the 20 and 30 something crowd that likes to […]

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Alcatraz – the NEW Lost?

We just posted some of the lineups for a few of the networks for next fall. One of the big ones that I’m excited about is a new show that Fox has picked up called “Alcatraz”. The show is about the mystery surrounding Alcatraz prison. Several wardens & prisoners have reappeared their after their mysterious […]

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Scream 4

After 11 years on hiatus, the Scream series returns! I was a big fan of the series until the 3rd one. But, now Wes Craven is back for the fourth (and final?) movie. The movie takes place back in Woodsboro, where Sidney is coming back to her old town for a book signing. Apparently, she’s […]

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