“The Dark Knight Rises” viral campaign begins!

For those of you that don’t know me, I’m a huge fan of Nolan‘s Batman universe. “Batman Begins” was the perfect Batman movie until “The Dark Knight” came out. I am just super pumped for the ending to the trilogy, “The Dark Knight Rises” (TDKR) which comes out next year. Well, the viral videos have already started, and all it does is get me more excited.

Months before “The Dark Knight” came out, a viral campaign and an Alternate Reality Game (ARG). There were several clues spread among the internet directing towards secret websites. There were several times where you would have to go to a secret location to pick up a package. Once they had some coordinates online with some numbers. It ended up being Bowling Alleys across the world. If you went to one of the bowling alleys, found the secret locker and combination, you’d find a bowling bag. Inside the bowling bag was a green-and-purple bowling ball and evidence bag. The clown name and a phone number are engraved onto the ball. The evidence bag contains a cell phone, charger, Joker card, and a message from the Joker instructing the participant to call the phone number on the ball to complete the task.

Another time led you to a bakery. At the Bakery you had to pick up a package for someone named “Robin Bank”. The cake had a secret number written on it. When you called the number, a phone rang from inside the cake! You can follow the whole Original game at this site.

I’m assuming they will have a very similar game going for “The Dark Knight Rises”. The have recently released an image of what Tom Hardy looks like as Bane. They also started their viral video campaign..

That is one of the first videos.. with a hidden facebook page in the video, which you can click here to go to the facebook page. There’s nothing on the facebook page yet, but I’m sure if you “like” it, you’ll get some updates. If you go to the youtube channel, you can also see the rest of the viral videos. enjoy!

– Greg

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