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Super 8 – Greg’s Review

Last Thursday, I was on vacation in Branson, when I got an email telling me that I’ve got 2 passes to an advance screening to Super 8. I was so excited! This is the movie that I’ve been waiting for. I can’t wait. When I checked out when the screening was, I was bummed. It was on Saturday. I’d still be out-of-town. Arrggh!!! So, I was able to get Kristie to go in my place and write a great review for me. So, I figured I’d just see it on the 10th, when everyone else gets to see it. Monday came, and I check my email, and SCORE!! Another advanced screening of “Super 8” on Tuesday. Plus I get to watch it on the “Mega Screen”, which is supposedly the biggest screen in St. Louis. YES!!

At the beginning of the movie, 2 logos appear, one right after the next. OMG! Amblin Entertainment.. Steven Spielberg’s company. Bad Robot… J.J Abrams company. One brought all the my favorite movies of my youth, the other; one of my favorite tv shows of all time. This has already got my pumped for the movie.

Just like the trailers, I’ll try to keep my review free from spoilers…. In short, the movie is about a group of friends who are filming a zombie movie with their Super 8 camera. They have hopes for winning an amateur film festival. While filming one night, a train gets derailed, and something weird was on that train. What was it?!?

I would say this movie is a throwback of early Amblin movies of the 80s. It’s got similarities between Goonies, ET, & even *batteries not included. The cast of kids for this movie are excellent. Spielberg & Abrams definitely have a way of getting kids to act. They really make the movie. They’re friendship and adventures brought me to feeling like a kid again. This is a movie you’re going to leave feeling great!

Usually when I go into a movie like this with high expectations, I end up disappointed. This time I wasn’t. There was so much that I loved about this; the late 70s setting, the sound & special effects, the story, & like I said the acting was great. If only one complaint, I would say the repetitive use of “lens flare”. Of course, that’s Abrams’ signature trademark. Take it from me, this movie is awesome! Also, be sure to stay through the credits. You’ll get to see the kid’s zombie movie.

– Greg

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