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Straw Dogs – Review

Straw Dogs is about a young couple, David (James Marsden) & Amy (Kate Bosworth) who move back to her small hometown in the deep south. David is a writer, wanting the peace and quiet of the country, and Amy is reconnecting with the townspeople. The town is excited to see Amy back, but not so […]

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Attack the Block – Review

Attack the Block has finally be official released in the United States. It’s been making its way across film festivals and such. But, it’s finally in limited release around the US, so I can actually see it! I say limited release, because out of the 30+ theaters here in St. Louis, there’s only 2 theaters […]

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Fright Night – Review

Time for another remake. Twenty Six years ago, the movie, Fright Night was released. And today, the remake is released. I know I saw the original at one time in my life, but don’t really remember the premise. It’s for this reason, I’m going to be reviewing the movie with no comparisons to the original. […]

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